I wish I had better pictures to offer of my most recent work.  Most times I am just not able to take the time out to take pictures while I'm working.  I used to have the priviledge of having one of my daughters along just to take pictures while I worked.  But that is no longer an option  :o(  one has moved far, far away and the other is working and going to school. 

I'll try harder to take time out to get some more variety up in the gallery.  This is it for now...


Please let me know what you think!  I love to hear all feedback and am open to constructive criticism.

These are waterproof and last up to 10 days.  The one on the left is done with black cosmetic grade MICA powder.  The one on the right is done with fine cosmetic grade GLITTER powder.  These pictures do not do the tats any justice.  They looked so much better in person!  I need some better pics to give you a better idea of the high quality of the finished tattoos. 

I started doing these TATS last year because I wanted to make sure to have something that holds up in any weather or make sense to have something to offer at parties or events that involved some waterplay.  This gives my clients the assurance that their money isn't just "washed away" in the rain, pool, or waterslide!

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